03 Dec

eXtreme365 - Austin 2018

eXtreme365 - Austin 2018

Monday, December 3, 2018 (8:00 AM) to Friday, December 7, 2018 (4:00 PM) (Central Time)

Hilton Austin Convention Center
Ahmed Al Sharkawi, Alec Saunders, Aleksandar Totovic, Alex Meyer, Barr Snyderwine, Bart van der Horst, Britta Rekstad, Cecilia Flombaum, Chad Carnes, Chris Nelson, Colin Vermander, Daniel Wollmann, David Pennington, Dejan Pervulov, Didem Un Ates, Elena Baeva, Elsa Reyes, Eric Sauve, Felix Robitaille, Gus Gonzalez, James Galvin, Jean Lefrancois, Jerry Weinstock, Joakim Englund, Johan Jonsson, John Pence, Jon Petrucelli, Jonas Rapp, Jonathan Cooper, Joseph Corigliano, Julie Yack, Jurgen Postelmans, Justin Carter, Kari Mirabal, Kris Casariego, Kyle Young, Linda Rose, Lorelea Moore, Magnus Sorensen, Mani Ramachandran, Marie Wiese, Markus Mirabal, Max Furberg, Michael Gernaey, Mike Ehrenberg, Nicholas Hayduk, Nick Doelman, Nikita Polyakov, Omar Choudhry, Rachel Profitt, Rajya Bhaiya, Rick McCutcheon, Robert Schwartz, Salim Adamon, Sara Lagerquist, Sheila Shahpari, Sherry Moran, Smith Codio, Soheil Aghazadeh, Steve Mordue, Steve Sydee, Sukanya Govindan, Thomas Manders, Tiffany Marler, Trevor Moore, Ulrik Carlsson, Wim Geukens


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eXtreme365 conferences are where the Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Intelligent Cloud Community forges relationships, gains real-world knowledge and dives deep into current and future Microsoft technologies. Exit surveys tell us we have an excellent reputation for high-quality learning sessions, timely and critical keynotes as well as unique bonus opportunities like the Executive Exchange and App Innovation Challenge.

eXtreme365 is a great opportunity to meet, learn from and work closely with Microsoft Leadership, ISVs, business experts, other partners and the tech community. Our progressive agenda addresses all Microsoft Dynamics 365 work streams as well as business application platform elements on the Intelligent Business Cloud.

Hilton Austin Convention Center
Austin, TX 78701

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